Top 5 Accessory Picks for January 2021

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Tyrica Duckett  


Top 5 Accessory Picks for January 2021

Happy New Year! As we greeted each other a few days ago as the year 2021 officially replaces 2020. The previous year was a roller coaster year. It had more downs than ups because of the covid-19 pandemic but it still had ups. This new leaf provides us a clean canvas to paint our new year with our newest creations and what a better way to start with mixing and matching is with our top 5 picks for this new year to being sassy and classy!

These picks, in no particular order, are from our resident sassy and classy queen, Tyrica, who is guaranteed to get your accessory game sorted out at the beginning of the year. Whether you are working at home or back in the office, these little treasures will surely make you stand out!

Holographic Aura - Multi

Featuring a holographic shimmer, a thick multicolored acrylic cuff wraps around the wrist for a retro-inspired fashion.

A Silver Spell Paparazzi

Whoever said silver belongs only in the dining wares was very wrong. Silver jewelry today is as classy as gold or even diamond. Silver always goes well with almost any outfit and any occasion. Office? Yes. Zoom meeting? Check. Just a walk in the mall? Big check. If your choice is to be “more neutral” in your standing, nothing speaks neutral but silver. Also, the accent rings give it more depth that makes it a little mysterious

Come Out of Your BOMBSHELL - White

Bedazzled in glittery white rhinestones, a dramatic silver bead slides along a sleek silver chain below the collar for a statement-making look. Features an adjustable clasp closure.  Sold as one individual necklace. Includes one pair of matching earrings.

Regal Revel - Gold

“As if dipped in glitter, the bottom of a shimmery gold hoop has been encrusted in glassy white rhinestones as it hangs from a white gem dotted frame radiating in matching white rhinestones. A solitaire pearl swings from the top of the hoop for a refined twist. Earring attaches to a standard clip-on fitting.” 

Yas Queen - White


A dramatic white teardrop gem is pressed into the center of a dainty silver band. Featuring regal marquise-cuts, dainty white rhinestones flank the sparkling teardrop center for a glamorous finish. Features a dainty stretchy band that’ll make you sassy and classy from finger to the whole body.

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