Spring is here, Celebrate International Women's Month by Being Sassy and Classy

Posted by Tyrica Duckett on

Sassy and Classy Designs


It is kind of surprising but it is already the third month of the year 2021! I know it is really surprising how quickly days go by just like that. I can still remember the quarantine New Year celebration, Madame Vice President Kamala Harris' Inauguration, and Valentine's day, then it’s already March! No worries from me as I look to this month with glee and full of hope like everyone else. March is more than just 30 days and nights if you ask me. This month after all is International Women's Month! Ladies, this month is to celebrate the efforts, achievements, and lasting moments of women. This month, we join in the celebration by featuring the best costume jewelry any girl or lady could wear anytime, anywhere. You always will be sassy and classy ladies. I got your back, remember the ABCs of life: Always Be Cute.

Aside from International Women's Month, we also have Spring Break 2021! As covid-19 begins to loosen up, time for those glorious accessories that will make you sassy and classy under the sun. Become the #queen wherever you go with our collection of affordable costume jewelry for Spring Break. So, what are you waiting for ladies, click here to start browsing, mixing and matching your style with our awesome pieces that will make you absolutely be the #Queen. Go get ‘em, girls!