Inspirational Bracelets

Posted by Tyrica Duckett on

sassy and classy
During this unprecedented time of uncertainty many of us could use a little inspiration to keep going. Inspiration can come from lots of places. Sometimes a little inspiration is the thing you need to get motivated and or restore you faith. Some people from inspiration in others while others vision board, quotes, affirmations and books to inspire themselves. That in this time of hardship, we can still be sassy and classy while we also keep our hope.

I absolutely love using vision boards and affirmations for inspirational reminders and staying focused on my dreams and goals. My friends and I make vision boards annually. A couple of years ago a few of my close friends and I decided to put a twist on our annual vision boards and make them on a mannequin. We felt like making them on the 3D mannequin and instead of the flat tag board would embody the power we had within us, whether we put the words on the board or not the message would be bold and empowering. Those vision boards were such a hit. People loved them so much I began to incorporate them in my team and women empowerment training. The sessions are so empowering the women are always so excited about what they have created and totally inspired by about the future.

We can't carry our vision boards around but many of the inspiring words and phrases used on our vision boards are on our "Inspirational" bracelets.

FAITH It, Till You Make It - Black

Trust Always - Red

Be Prayerful - Green Paparazzi